The Ultimate ADHD-Student Toolkit

1. The Parent-Teacher ADHD Handbook 
2. The Complete IEP/504 Guide
3. A Parent's Guide to ADHD, Diet, & Nutrition

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These 3 special reports include practical advice for the caregivers and educators of children with ADHD. They address the following critical topics in depth and with expert solutions:

“Open communication with the teachers is essential.”

—Carlos, an ADDitude reader

The ADHD Parent-Teacher Handbook: Practical Learning Solutions to Common ADHD Problems at School and at Home

They forget to write down assignments. They lose completed homework. They drift off during lectures. Our kids are facing an over-sized set of obstacles. One that can only be vaulted with support, at school and at home. This eBook provides realistic solutions to pin-pointed problems, helping ensure that school is a positive experience for everyone.

The Complete IEP/504 Guide:
A Road Map to School Accommodations

It helps to know what you're asking for, but what exactly does an IEP or a 504 Plan look like? This e-book contains samples of both, a letter you can adapt to request the initial educational evaluation for your child. It's a step-by-step plan, filled with expert advice and concrete tips, to secure the services and accommodations that will help your child thrive.