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- Learn how to defuse 9 common ADHD behaviors 
- Understand the difference between disobedience and ADHD
- Anticipate potentially difficult situations
- Manage tough transitions and hypersensitivities
- Correct without criticizing, and punish fairly & effectively
- Get kids to eat and to sleep without a battle

This comprehensive special report contains 45 pages of spot-on real-life strategies and tactics to help your child's caregivers keep him safe and happy while you're away. 

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Caring for a child with ADHD comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards.
Preparing your caregivers ahead of time can save everyone a lot of wasted energy and stress.

“ADHD is a disorder of self-control. When your child leaves his homework half done or forgets to take out the trash, it's not usually willful disobedience.
That's important to remember."

— Ellen Kingsley, founder of ADDitude